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MILAN EXPO PAVILLON – Who Cares?! Design


Every year at the expo almost all participating nations are trying to surpass each other in architectonical way. They are trying to bring the chrowd to their own pavilion. The information pavilion is a piece of it´s own in terms of it´s architectural concept. It is the starting point for visitors, for tours and a resting area for all visitors who became exhausted from waiting for hours and hours in a line, or get lost in the huge expo area. That´s why the information pavilion is located in the junction at the two grand axes. Usually this pavilion is located at the entrance of the expo area but with it´s informative and recovery function we decided to locate it into the heart of the whole expo area. Another important design requierement for this location is that it is the best area on the whole expo to orient. Visitors should be attracted and emited as well.

A 40 meter long pedestrian ramp ends on a great platform where the visitors have a perfect overview over all axes and the surrounded pavilions. The information and the souvenir shop are combined into an 140 m2 area in the left part of the pavilion. The business centre is located on the right side of the pavilion. With this separation the flow of the pavilion and the grand axes persists.

The EXPO 2015 theme is „FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE“. The architectural design of the information pavilion is focused of it´s content feeding, green and sustainability. So the design is not trying to imitate natural forms but rather designed in green details. The facade perforation is a natural green lightning and ventilation module. With this module the exterior design reflects and interacts the interior design. The white facade panels are made of recycled cornstarch. The load bearing structure of the pavilion is made of steel. Both materials can be recycled after their appearance at the EXPO 2015 MILANO.







  • YEAR : 2015
  • LOCATION : Milano