Marble Shower


Marble Shower


300 million years ago, when the two continents Laurussia and Gondwana collided, a giant metamorphic composition of limestone, pressure and heat was born. Marble.

Erected to gigantic mountains, accessible for mankind, our stone found it´s contemporary place in the heart of the Alpes. Carefully taken from the quarry, precisely selected out of hundreds of big and massive blocks, it caught our attention right away, the moment our eyes met the marble. We instantly fell in love with the - so called – „pollution of the white and clear block“ in form of a black triangular vivid vein. We took advantage of this „pollution“ and created our major design theme around it. We cutted along the dividing line between black and white and formed a triangular pyramid fountain sink out of it. Attached to a twisted and uplifted body of white shiny stone that opens it´s inner surfaces to create a shower that covers everyone in a flow of crystal clear water.

Pangea is a complex and extraordinary composition of stone, water and light. Due to it´s high crystalline and structural density, Pangea even resists extreme wheater conditions. Excited to work with this marble we decided to put this piece of art back into it´s natural environment.

Along the lines of the body we created thin slots for water and light. Those slots are following the design lines and are working as faucet, shower and lamp and can be adjusted to any comfort. Hot, cold, bright and dark and infinite shades in between.

Pangea becomes an oasis wherever it is. In a room. In a garden. In a forest. In the desert.




Industrial Design

  • YEAR : 2018
  • CATEGORY : Industrial Design